Weekly Events

Outerworld Hosts a Weekly Low Elo Event on Wednesdays, Free entrance for those under Platinum 3. This helps get amateur competitors some much needed experience before joining the various leagues we offer.


How it works.

The league works through a series of promotion and demotion leagues. This will have teams moving up and down the ladder after every split.

Splits last 10 Weeks. 8 Weeks of Regular Season Play, 2 Weeks of Playoffs.

Mid-Jan - April


Mid-May - August


Mid-September - December


Outerworld League 1 will have 20 teams with 3 being promoted and 3 being demoted.

Outerworld League 2 will have 20 teams with 3 being promoted and 4 being demoted.

The promotion league will have 20 teams with 4 being promoted and the rest being dropped.

Pay Structure

Entrance Fee is on a per split basis. 4th place will always make back their entry fee with payouts increasing by position. It is mandatory that if a team is promoted they pay the next leagues enterance fee, failure to do so will promote the teams below them until the position is filled.

OUTERWORLD LEAGUE 1 - 50$ Entrance Fee, 750$ Prize Pool

400$ 1st; 200$ 2nd; 100$ 3rd; 50$ 4th.

OUTERWORLD LEAGUE 2 - 20$ Entrance Fee, 300$ Prize Pool

160$ 1st; 80$ 2nd; 40$ 3rd; 20$ 4th.

OUTERWORLD PROMOTION LEAGUE - 10$ Entrance Fee, 150$ Prize Pool

80$ 1st; 40$ 2nd; 20$ 3rd; 10$ 4th.

What do I get for my money?

This is a legitimate question and here at OneTime we value that not everyone can easily afford entrance fees, so we try to get the maximum value for both the teams and the individual competitors. Here is some of the benefits from choosing our leagues.

  • Minimal Fee's

  • 16 Regular Season Games

  • 8 Team Playoffs (Best of 3, Finals Best of 5) + 3rd Place Match.

  • Join the ecosystem of our leagues (Promotion / Demotion)

  • Dedicated Staff ensuring a fair and competitive environment

League 1 will consist of 20 teams with the top 3 being promoted to the Rise Champions League and bottom 3 being demoted.

Prize pool is 750$ with a 50$ entrance fee.

League 2 will consist of 20 teams with the top 3 being promoted and bottom 4 being demoted. The demoted teams will be given first dibs to register and play in the next splits promotion league.

Prize pool is 300$ with a 20$ entrance fee.

The promotion league will consist of 20 teams with the top 4 being promoted. After every split, all the non-promoted teams are removed from the league and it acts as a first come first serve for registration come the next split starting.

Prize pool is 150$ with a 10$ entrance fee.